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To paradigms 5-10.

  1. Paradigms 5 - 10 must already exist as consequence of the existence of the first four paradigms.

  2. The principle approach and methods of solving some problems of these six paradigms may be found in the following works ( Russian publications):

  3. It is shown in the metioned works that the rock formation of granitoid sequence from granites to gabbros is related to a strong metasomatic process which owes to two intense interrelated geochemical factors namely silicon (SiO2) and potassium (K2O) ones. These two components together with H2O form rockgenerating ( granitizing ) fluid of – H2O + SiO2 + K2O. It is known from experiments on melting basic rocks that even before the beginning of rock melting there take place the separation of similar in compositions highly consentrated fluid – H2O + SiO2 + K2O. Experiment conditions correspond to conditions of tectonically weakend zones in the mantle. In this regard one should believe that such fluid is originated in the mantle separating from it before melting.The fluid moves upwards interacting with side rocks of the crust upper layers and causing intense regrouping of matter with subsequent formation of the crust granite layer and mineral deposits.

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