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Scheme of the interaction
of oceanic and continental
crusts and mantle

Scheme of the interaction of oceanic and continental crusts and mantle
Δm=m1-m2=35-40km, consequently
σ12 – density of continental mantle is higher than the density of oceanic mantle
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  1. The crust is lighter than the mantle.The crust thickness over the continental mantle is much greater than that over the oceanic mantle that means that the continental mantle is heavier than the oceanic mantle ( see the figure ).

  2. Heavy continental mantle goes down, compresses and squeezes up wedge - shaped body of lighter oceanic mantle. Isostasy also furthers raising of relatively lighter oceanic mantle.

  3. The raised and released from the side compression the oceanic mantle falls by mid - ocean ridge (MOR) fault systems to two parts along the both sides from the ridge. In deep MOR fault zones the pressure decreases, the mantle melts and increases in volume on the whole. The melt moves up, fills channels of fault zone and under pressure spreads out the oceanic mantle together with the mantle of continents. This leads to the Earth expansion and the enlargement of oceanic and continental crusts.

  4. The enlargement of continental crust proceeds both horizontally and vertically. Vertical crust enlargement is caused by oceanic crust thrusting over continental crust as well as by accumulation of sedimentary - volcanogenic masses related to continental tectonicomagmatic processes. Tectonicomagmatic processes are accompanied by the release from the mantle and accumulation in the crust of light components  -  H2O-SiО2-K2O and accompanying rare and other incoherent elements that is the granitizing fluid which participates in the crust formation. The mantle becomes more compact and goes down giving rise to a new cycle of mantle and crust interaction. Cycles periodically recur.

  5. Further it is recommended to acquaint with "paradoxes" proposed by Australian geologist U.Carry who conclusively founded the model of expanding Earth.U. Carry - "Looking for regularities of the Earth and Universe development : the history of dogmata in geosciences".M.Mir.1991.447p.(Кэри У."В поисках закономерностей развития Земли и Вселенной: история догм в науках о Земле").

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